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AFTA Range of Thermal Stores

The AF range of bespoke thermal stores are generally supplied with either 2 or 4 off system connections and other connections as listed in our brochure. The vessels is also supplied with mulitple sensor connections for use with equipment such as CHP units or biomass boilers. The AFTA models are split into 6 types and either type can have additional fittings supplied such as sparge pipes, directional flow baffle plates, sectional and any other requirements for any specification.

  • AFTA - Plain steel thermal store with open design

  • AFTA-SEC - Sectional thermal store which is supplied in bolted sections

  • AFPA - Plain steel thermal store with internal baffle plates (for directional flow)

  • AFSA - Plain steel thermal store with centralised perforated plate (for lower stratification movement)

  • AFZA - Galvanised steel thermal store with open design

  • AFXA - Stainless steel thermal store with open design

The AFTA thermal stores can also be designed to operate at higher working pressures and temperatures, with full certification as required.

Arbe AF Thermal Stores

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O&M Manual Download

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Heating Systems
Renewable Energy Systems

AFTA-SEC Sectional Thermal Stores

The Arbe AFTA-SEC series of thermal stores are a range of sectional thermal stores for applications where access is limited, such as through trapdoors, down staircases and single doors. The vessels are bespoke to each application and designed to suit site requirements. Generally, the buffer vessels have a maximum design pressure of 4.0 BarG but can be higher if required.


AFTA-SEC Thermal Store Design

The vessels have steel body flanges that are bolted together on site using lifting equipment such as A Frame lifting beams. The vessels are supplied with all gaskets and bolting as required. 

The vessels can also be designed with other features as required by the application such as:

  • Baffle Plates

  • Sparge Pipes

  • Multiple access hatches

Materials Available:

  • AFTA-SEC – Carbon steel

  • AFZA-SEC – Galvanised steel

  • AFXA-SEC – Stainless steel 304L

Efficient Thermal Store Design

In an ideal world, a thermal store being used on a system with a CHP or a biomass boiler would be designed to be tall and thin, with a height:diameter ratio of 3:1 to aid with stratification, ensuring the CHP or biomass boiler operates efficiently and correctly.

Where this is not possible, the ARBE AF range of thermal stores can be fitted with baffle plates, in either vertical or horizontal orientations, so a thermal store can be designed to suit any site constraints. The baffle plates separate the cold and hot zones making it operate the same as a standard vessel by creating stratified sections.

The image below is of a horizontal vessel with a centralised baffle plate to ensure correct operation of the heat source it is being connected to.

Please contact us for further details, or assistance in system design.

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