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Arbe Heat Recovery System Design

Heat Recovery - Ovens

Arbe offer systems to recover heat from bakeries and other commercial food manufacturing applications. Our system consists of a heat recovery heat exchanger, fan, dampers and controls system. We offer a full install and commissioning service to ensure the system operates at its optimum setting.

Up to 15% of the wasted heat can be recovered through our system which can be used for various applications such as:

  • Heating (Space Heating and Process Systems)

  • Cooling (Air Conditioning and Process Systems)

  • Potable Hot Water Systems

  • Electrical Generation

By installing our heat recovery system, we can offer good savings on energy and reduce carbon emissions. The flue gas heat recovery system can ensure that the needed draught is available to ensure energy efficient baking results every day, irrespective of the external issues that buildings suffer due to weather changes, giving a double positive outcome on the install.

Arbe Heat Recovery System Design
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