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HevaPak District Heating Substations

Arbe design and manufacture various types of HevaPak HPDH district heating substations for various clients. The systems can be supplied with our own control systems or site specific control packages as required. Our HevaPak HPDH packages are supplied as standard with full certification where required and a documentation pack which includes as a minimum:


  • Material certification

  • Welder approval certification

  • Weld procedure certification

  • Full PED/CE certification for the packages

  • Full installation, operating and maintenance instructions



  • Domestic hot water

  • Heating systems (LTHW, MTHW & HTHW)

  • Cooling systems

  • Solar and Geothermic Heating

  • Industrial Process Heat recovery

  • Condensers and evaporators in refrigeration systems

  • Oil coolers

  • Close approach fluid-to-fluid heat transfer


Our range of HevaPak HPDH packaged plate heat exchangers are designed and manufactured to the latest standards and are fully compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive.