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Arbe HevaMod Plate Heat Exchanger Packages
Arbe HevaMod Plate Heat Exchanger Packages

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HevaMod DHW Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers

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HevaMod Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers


Our HevaMod range of heat exchanger packages are designed with the customer in mind, offering various options to suit each application. The units are supplied as standard with gasketed plate heat exchangers and range from 50 kW up to 2,000 kW as standard, with larger units available if required. The HevaMod units are designed to operate with a primary water medium and have the following options:


HM - 3 port primary control valve and fixed speed pump (single or twin head)
HME - Variable speed primary pump c/w shut-off valve
HMP - 2 or 3 port primary control valve with no pump


The Arbe range of HevaMod packaged plate heat exchangers offer a compact and economical solution for heat transfer requirements. Used to provide heat generation in addition to providing pressure breaks in a system, the HevaMod range is a simple solution to any project specifications, which can be adapted to suit specific requirements with additional equipment integrated within the package.


  • Dedicated ranges for domestic hot water production, heating water production (LTHW, MTHW & HTHW) & chilled water production

  • Standard units with duties from 30 kW to 2000 kW, with special models available up to 10,000 kW

  • Standard units with PID controls, with BACnet & PLC control options also available

  • Small unit size with high heat transfer capacity

  • High resistance to pressure and temperature fluctuations

  • Cost efficiency

  • Stainless steel connections

  • Easy installation



  • Domestic hot water

  • Heating systems (LTHW, MTHW & HTHW)

  • Cooling systems

  • Solar and Geothermic Heating

  • Industrial Process Heat recovery

  • Condensers and evaporators in refrigeration systems

  • Oil coolers

  • Close approach fluid-to-fluid heat transfer


Our range of HevaMod packaged plate heat exchangers are designed and manufactured to the latest standards and are fully compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Heating Systems
Potable Hot Water Systems
Steam Systems
Renewable Energy Systems
Boosted Water Systems

HevaMod Product Viewer


To fully view our product image, click on the image and move left or right to rotate the view. 


The image shown is of a HevaMod HM2502P0S1R unit, a unit with a capacity of 210 kW plate heat exchanger, and is shown with a factory fitted secondary system return pump, a unit designed for instantaneous hot water

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