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Why Arbe Products?

Our range of products covers most requirements for applications with our standard units.

We can also provide bespoke products to suit any application should it be required, from factory packaged solutions to site installed systems.

Please click on the links below to visit the dedicated product pages.

Storage Calorifiers and Cylinders

Arbe supply storage calorifiers, direct and indirect cylinders for a range of solutions and manufactured from a range of materials. We can supply standard units or bespoke to suit any site requirements

StorPlate DHW Generators

Our StorPlate DHW generators offer a solution for semi-instantaneous water heater requirements with a range of basic and fully packaged units to suit any application requirements

Thermal Stores

Arbe offer a comprehensive range of thermal store buffer vessels for most heating applications, with a standard range and also the capability to design and manufacture bespoke vessels to suit site requirements

Chilled Water Buffer Vessels

Arbe offer a range of AV chilled water buffer vessels suitable for most chilled water applications with our AV-POL packaged circulating pump and vessel solutions to suit most chillers

Booster Sets

Our range of cold water booster sets offer a competitve solution for most applications, with single phase units for smaller duties and three phase units for larger systems, with up to 6 pumps packaged

Heat Exchangers

Arbe supply heat exchangers to suit any application from plate heat exchangers to shell & tube heat exchangers which are suitable for any application

Heat Exchanger Packages

Arbe design and manufacture a range of HevaMod packaged plate heat exchangers for water to water applications, manufactured with both gasketed and brazed heat exchangers

Air & Dirt Separators

Arbe offer the AMF air and dirt separator for heating and cooling systems. The unit is installed inline and can be easily maintained quickly and efficiently. The AMF unit ensures a clean system with higher efficiencies

Steam Packages

Arbe HevaSteam packages offer a complete turnkey solution for steam/water heat transfer. Our units are suitable for DHW, LTHW, MTHW & HTHW generation and are supplied with all necessary equipment and safety devices

Condensate Recovery Packages

Our ACR units offer a solution for condensate recovery with standard packages up to 10,000 kg/hour and bespoke duties available

CHP Solutions

Our CHP systems offer a complete turnkey solution for self energy generation, installed in existing plantrooms or in new external housings

Heat Recovery

Arbe offer a range of solutions for heat recovery, offering products to be installed in such systems or even fully installed packages. 

Renewable Energy Systems

From biomass boiler systems to solar thermal & CSP solar systems, Arbe offer complete renewable energy solutions and low carbon technology for most applications

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