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Arbe APU1P HevaPress Pressurisation Unit
Arbe APU2P HevaPress Pressurisation Unit
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HevaPress Pressurisation Units


The APU1P & APU2P units automatically control the pressure in a sealed system. The units is permanently connected to the heating or cooling system delivering water at a predetermined pressure.

Once the system has been initially filled via a quick-fill loop, the pressurisation will take over and maintain the optimum pressure conditions.

Should a loss of water occur in the system, for any reason, the pressurisation unit will detect a drop in pressure and automatically start to refill the system, restoring it to the original set pressure.

On twin pump units, should the duty pump fail to start for any reason, the standby pump will automatically take over the duty function. The control system also incorporates automatic pump rotation to alternate the starting sequence of each during normal operation.

Used in conjunction with correctly sized expansion vessels, the APU1P & APU2P pressurisation units will maintain optimum system conditions, safeguarding any type of heating and cooling system. 


  • Epoxy Finished IP rated steel cabinet

  • APU1P - A single pre-wired peripheral pump with a bronze body

  • APU2P - Twin pre-wired peripheral pumps with a bronze body, with auto-changeover function

  • 9 litre plastic break tank c/w float assembly & an ‘A’- type air gap

  • Pressure transducer for pressure control

  • Volt-free alarm contact for BMS connectivity

  • Digital display controller

Optional extras:

  • Expansion vessels

  • Floor mounting chassis where wall or frame installation is not practical

  • Higher pressure pump options

  • Optional high & low pressure switches

Also included within the brochure is a sizing chart for easy selection of expansion vessel sizes, for both heating and chilled water systems. Please contact our sales department for further information.

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