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Arbe Chiller Heat Recovery System

Heat Recovery - Chillers

There are a few different type of chillers on the market that heat can be recovered from. The heat utilisation is dependent on the temperatures available as it can vary from 30 DegC up to 90 DegC. Our HevaPak HRU has been designed to operate with chillers to recover as much heat as possible, with the heat used to either preheat domestic hot water, or for space heating using low temperature heat emitters. 

Low temperature heat recovered from such refrigeration units such as condensers on cold rooms and blast freezers can be circa 40 DegC. This heat can be used in small heating applications such as low temperature fan coil units in offices and similar buildings. It can also be utilised in DHW systems as a preheat on the cold feed, such as in the example below.

Arbe recently successfully installed and commissioned a heat recovery system in a food factory. The factory had various cold rooms and freezers fed from refrigeration condensers. We installed heat exchangers on the refrigerant side and connected these into a recovery system. The main heating element of the DHW system was steam so a twin battery AL-HR calorifier was installed along with de-stratification controls. Our bespoke PLC controls controlled the heat recovery pumps and also the steam controls in the calorifier.

Arbe Chiller Heat Recovery System

We can manufacture systems that work in conjunction with C02 and propane chillers. The benefit of these type of chiller systems in relation to heat recovery is the high temperatures that can be achieved on the recovery side, which can heat water up to 90 DegC in some cases, with standard systems able to operate at 70 DegC. This increases the COP (coefficient of performance) of the chiller, with some C02 chillers have a COP of circa 7.5. This recovered high temperature stored water can then be used for applications such as:

Domestic hot water direct and preheat systems

Space heating

Swimming pool heating

Other process applications

Our systems are bespoke to each application and are supplied plug-and-play philosophy, making it an easy solution for customers

Four Seasons Hotel, Trinity Square, London Project

The above unit is a HevaPak heat recovery system supplied to the Four Seasons Hotel, Trinity Square, London

Our HevaPak HRU systems offer a complete solution and are supplied with all necessary equipment and controls to operate correctly.

The packages are usually supplied with PLC controls system with touch-screen technology to give full information on the operating parameters and settings.

A system can also be designed and manufactured for potable water applications, where domestic hot water can be heated in a stainless steel storage cylinder prior to being heated by a primary source such as a plate heat exchanger or a coil etc. 

The unit to the right was designed to heat domestic hot water for a food factory, with temperature trimming supplied by a gas boiler, through a heat exchanger.

It recovered heat from a C02 chiller with temperatures reaching 65 DegC in the storage tank

Heat Recovery Direct Cylinder - Edgmond Foods
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