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Arbe AL Storage Calorifiers
Arbe Stainless Steel Storage Calorifier
Arbe AL Storage Calorifiers

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Storage Calorifiers


The Arbe AL range of standard storage calorifiers are supplied pre-insulated and with a removable heat exchanger. The range covers capacities from 200 litres to 5000 litres, and is available vertical and horizontal orientation. Each calorifier size has a recovery period of just over 1 hour (with any recovery periods available). The calorifiers are suitable for both vented and unvented applications, further details can be supplied on these if necessary. Our calorifiers can also be supplied with unvented kits, both loose and factory packaged on a skid base and can be fitted with standard immersion heaters up to 24 kW in output if required, with bigger immersion heater outputs available.



  • Capacities from 200 to 5000 litres

  • Available with vertical or horizontal orientations

  • Suitable for vented and unvented systems

  • Can be fitted with immersion heaters as a back-up heat source

  • Internal heat exchanger removable for cleaning and inspection

  • Can be fitted with de-stratification pumpset

  • Can be fitted on a skid base with an unvented kit & expansion vessel to reduce site installation time

  • Suitable for primary mediums including LTHW, MTHW and low pressure steam, and suitable for renewable energy solutions such as solar, heat pumps and CHP


Material options available for the shell:

  • AL Range - Stainless Steel

  • ALG Range - Enamelled Steel

  • ALZ Range - Galvanised Steel

  • ALC Range - Copper-Lined Steel (special range)


Our standard range of storage calorifiers are designed and manufactured to the latest standards and are fully compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

Our standard calorifiers are also fully compliant with the new ErP Directive for hot water cylinders for capacities up to 2000 litres

Material Data Sheets

Our calorifiers are manufactured from various materials, but our 2 main materials are stainless steel and enamelled steel. Please click on the links below for material descriptions:

Stainless Steel Material Data

Stainless Steel

Material data sheet and details of anodes available as an option with stainless steel vessels

Glass Enamelled Steel Material Data

Glass Enamelled Steel

Material data sheet and details of anodes supplied as standard with glass enamelled steel vessels

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2 Sisters Foods
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Arbe Copper-Lined Storage Calorifier

Copper-Lined Storage Calorifiers


The Arbe ALC range of standard storage calorifiers are manufactured from carbon steel and copper. It is a design with a steel outer shell (pressure bearing) and a copper inner shell (for the potable water application). This ensures a long-lasting shell, which gives a product solution for installations where a copper shell is a specification-compliant requirement, especially where high pressures are involved. 

The removable heater battery on each calorifier is manufactured to suit the required duty and the standard units are manufactured with brass tubeplates and with finned copper tube. 

Each ALC calorifier is supplied with an anti-vacuum valve as standard and are suitable for vented or unvented systems.

Arbe Copper-Lined Semi-Storage Calorifier

Semi-Storage Calorifiers


The Arbe AL-CSS range of semi-storage calorifiers are a bespoke product that offer solutions for high output, fast recovery domestic water heating. As an alternative to the Arbe StorPlate package, the HevaCal AL-CSS unit has an integrated removable heater battery and is supplied with a circulating pump that takes water from the bottom of the cylinder, heats it up by passing the water over the heater battery and pushing it into the top of the cylinder, ready to be taken off to the system. 

Arbe can supply the units c/w all primary controls and unvented kits.

Arbe Sectional Storage Calorifier

Sectional Calorifiers


Arbe design and supply sectional storage calorifiers which are ideal for instances where access into an existing plantroom is limited. Each calorifier is bespoke for the particular site requirement, with the size of the calorifier and the size of the sections designed to suit access. 

The calorifiers are generally supplied with bolted sections and are re-assembled on site in final situ' ready for testing and operation.

The sectional calorifiers can be manufactured in stainless steel, copper-lined steel and galvanised steel to suit any specification, with working pressures to suit the project.

Arbe U-Tube Heater Batteries

Standard Heater Batteries


The Arbe AL range of standard storage calorifiers have removable heater batteries fitted as standard to heat the water in the shell, with the primary medium inside the tubes. Our batteries are manufactured from either stainless steel or copper, depending on the application and requirements.