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Supply & Installation of CHP combined heat and power systems by Arbe
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CHP Design and Installation


Arbe design and install CHP systems for various applications. Our complete CHP systems range from 6.5 kWe to 10,426 kWe and above, with our standard solution ranging in outputs from 6.5 kWe to 500 kWe. Our system includes all design and installation of the necessary controls, thermal store, pumps and other equipment. We also arrange G59 connection where required.


According to the Carbon Trust, when compared to using a conventional boiler system and mains electricity, CHP has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for power and heat generation by around 30%. In utilising the waste heat from the power generation process, our CHP systems deliver energy utilisation of circa 92%, of which 33% is in the form of higher value electrical energy.


CHP units (combined heat and power) offer a solution for self-generation of electricity using gas as a power source. The unit produces heat as a waste energy which is utilised in various applications such as:


  • Central heating

  • Cooling

  • DHW production for showers and other potable applications

  • Process heat uses


The system we offer includes full 3D CAD drawings, certification and all manuals.


Our CHP Packages offer a solution for most types of applications. Our standard offering is an indirect system that can be integrated into existing heating systems with the protection of the CHP not being brought into contact with issues faced with older heating systems such as water quality and differential operating pressures. Our system can integrate into systems up to 16 BarG with a working pressure of the CHP as low as 1.5 BarG


Our ACS systems are supplied with the following standard equipment:


  • CHP unit - from 6.5 kWe to 500 kWe

  • Thermal store - Sized to suit the CHP and system output

  • Pressurisation unit and expansion vessel

  • Gasketed plate heat exchanger

  • Temperature controls package to ensure optimised heat usage and correct operation

  • Housing including lighting, small power sockets and anti-frost heaters


Options include:


  • Heat dump radiator for inconsistent system heat loads

  • Secondary system circulating pumps and controls

  • Directly integrated CHP systems without the need of the plate heat exchanger or thermal store (subject to design confirmation by Arbe)

Supply & Installation of CHP combined heat and power systems by Arbe
Supply & Installation of CHP combined heat and power systems by Arbe
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