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Arbe Biomass System Design
Arbe Biomass System Design

Biomass Boiler Design and Installation


Arbe design and install biomass boiler systems for commercial and industrial projects. With our 20 years and more in the design and manufacture of boiler and heat exchanger systems, we are able to offer complete turnkey solutions for both hot water and steam systems utilising the latest biomass technology. With either full new systems, or complete integration into existing systems, our services can guarantee a quality and competitive solution.


Our expertise in boiler and heating systems give peace of mind in both commercial and industrial applications.We offer solutions comprising a central boiler that can be fed from wood pellet, wood chip or wood log, or dual feed systems.


Our biomass systems are designed using either integrated pellet storage rooms or external silos depending on site constraints and customer requirements. All hot water biomass systems are designed with thermal stores utilised in the system and are fitted with automatic pressurisation systems as standard, with the type matched to the system we aree installing, either with expansion vessels or with spill back systems


Our steam biomass systems offer large scale steam production with the capability of electrical generation as part of the installation. Our steam biomass systems are a turnkey solution with the boiler, pellet feed and storage and all controls (automatic operation, 72 hour). Systems can be designed in modular systems from 250 kW up to 10 mW / 17,500 kg/hour

Arbe Heat Pump System Design

Heat Pump Design and Installation


Arbe Integrated Engineering design, supply & install heat pump systems. Quality and product innovation are synonymous with our heat pump suppliers

Heat pumps are designed for various sources of energy. Heat pumps work on the basis of drawing renewable thermal energy from the environment - from air, ground water and soil - and releasing it into the heating circuit. The heat source from which thermal energy is drawn determines the type of heat pump used. Arbe experts can advise on the most appropriate heat pump system for local conditions. Factors such as availability of a heat source, useable ground area, construction type, size and insulation of the building, type and temperature of heat distribution in the house, etc. all influence the decision.


  • Water as the heat source

  • Geothermal as the heat source (ground source)

  • Geothermal heat with brine as the heat source (ground source)

  • Air as the heat source


Arbe Solar Thermal System Design
Arbe Solar Thermal System Design

Solar Thermal System Design and Installation


Arbe Integrated Engineering offers both supply of solar equipment and full design, supply & installation of solar packages. We have many years experience in renewable energy systems, putting us at the forefront of solar technology. Our in-depth understanding gives us the edge in innovative design of solar packages, integrating with new and existing building services HVAC  systems to offer the best solution for each application.


Heating water from the sun is one of the oldest and best ways of utilising renewable energy. The sunlight is absorbed by a panel called a collector. This energy is transferred through pipes to produce hot water stored in a cylinder, reducing fossil fuel usage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Our solar packages are bespoke for each specific project requirement, ensuring we offer the best solution for optimum performance and integration with new and existing equipment, such as boilers and domestic hot water cylinders.



Commercial & Industrial Applications
Arbe Integrated Engineering specialise in commercial and industrial solar applications. Our engineers have many years experience in the field, designing and installing systems in the UK and throughout the Middle East, designing a system from concept to commissioning, including design of specialist controls systems using the latest BACnet & PLC technology, and also design and supply of the specialist water heaters & calorifiers required for large commercial and industrial systems. We have experience in designing systems for:

  • Schools

  • Leisure centres

  • Hotels

  • Factories

  • Universities

  • Dairies & other process facilities


Arbe CPS Concentrated Solar Power System Design

CSP - Concentrated Solar Power Design and Installation


Arbe Integrated Engineering offer concentrated solar power systems (unsuitable for the UK & Northern Europe), an ideal solution for high temperature applications such as


  • Cooling

  • Industrial process heat applications

  • Electrical generation


The system consists of a parabolic mirror solar collector with a centralised evacuated tube system. The system uses a robust and reliable hydraulic drive system and the first commercial wireless controller, eliminating all field-cabling except for the power supply to the controller itself. The unique tracking, control and drive system constantly and accurately positions the mirrors to collect the maximum available solar radiation


  • Shatterproof, non-glass reflector panels made with a specialist mirror film

  • Lower cost reflector panels that are faster to install than conventional glass mirrors

  • Lighter aluminium space frame with fewer parts than other trough designs

  • Faster field assembly time than conventional trough designs

  • Larger diameter and longer receiver tubes to reduce cost and increase performance

  • More robust, higher performance and lower cost tracking, drive and control system

  • Compact shipping











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