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AMF Air & Dirt Separators
AMF Air & Dirt Separators

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AMF & AMF-M Air & Dirt Separators


Removal of air and dirt from heating and cooling systems improves life longevity and efficiency.

The Arbe range of air and dirt separators offer a complete solution for various applications where dirty water may be possible. The units have been designed to remove the dirt particles and sludge from heating and cooling systems, reducing damage and premature wear on all the system accessories such as:

  • Boilers

  • Chillers

  • Pumps

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Control Valves

  • Other Pipeline Equipment

There are 2 options available with the units:

  • AMF - Air & dirt separator removing air from the system and filtering dirt and sludge

  • AMF-M - As the AMF but with additional magnets installed for extra protection in particularly old heating systems

The AMF & AMF-M can be installed to remove the requirement for a separation plate heat exchanger in heating systems such as where a new boiler system has been installed. This reduces on installation costs and time as it negates the need for extra pumps, valving and pressuriation equipment. It also reduces the footprint of the new installation. Maintenance of the system is also made easier as the unit can be easily dismantled to clean the filters and magnets, unlike a plate heat exchanger where specialist engineers may be required to dismantle, clean and re-assemble the unit.

The unit is supplied with a pair of pressure gauges for manual checking of the pressure drop across the unit, which gives a visual indication that the unit requires cleaning. A pressure differential switch may also be fitted to give an automatic indication of blockage


Our range of AMF & AMF-M air and dirt separators are designed and manufactured to the latest standards and are fully compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

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